More Than 110 Babies Participated in The GMC Annual Healthy Baby Contest

More than 110 contestants participated in the GMC Hospital, annual “Healthy Baby Contest”. The contest which is one of a kind in the UAE was held at Gulf Medical University’s campus on Friday, April 9th 2010 at

4:00 p.m. Children from ages 3 months – 1 Year, 1 Year – 2 Years and 2 years – 3 Years participated.

Children thoroughly enjoyed Face painting, Clown balloon folding, Dual image show, Juggler, Stilt walker, Carnival , Gifts & Samples Quiz, Games & Entertainment l Laughter show

The Objective of the show was “Know your child better”. The Contest is held to raise community awareness of the importance of teaching children good health and nutrition habits at an early age. Establishing proper habits starting in early childhood can lead to living a healthy lifestyle. The contest also promotes health consciousness among mothers regarding different factors affecting the health of children and how they could detect diseases in children at an early stage.

The winners were awarded the prizes by our Chief Guest Prof. Gita Ashok Raj, Provost of the Gulf Medical University, along with the Guest of Honor Dr. Manvir Singh, Medical Director of GMC Hospital

Apart from the overall winning categories, they were also prizes for

  • Active Baby
  • Curly Hair
  • Sparkling Eyes
  • Sunshine smile
  • Chubby cheeks

The Winners in each Category are as follows:-

Category A (3 months – 1 Year)

1st prize – Muhammed Vmar Saeed
2nd prize – Julia Manjah
3rd prize – Syed Ghalib Hasan Abbas
Sparkling Eyes – Maheen Y Hussain
Chubby Cheeks – Kallayani Krishna
Curly Hair – Mohammad Musabeh Salem
Sunshine Smile – Mysha Ansari

Category B (1 Year – 2 Year)

1st prize – Anvesh Gehi
2nd prize – Maryam Salman Ahmed
3rd prize – Ganatra Dhoon Samir
Sparkling Eyes – Hamza Malika Fayyaz Hasmani
Chubby Cheeks – Basil
Curly Hair – G.K.V Saaketh
Sunshine Smile – Sabah Imad
Consolation Prizes: – Mayesha Modi and Alina Shiba

Category C (2Year – 3Year)

1st prize – Shahnaz Elhusseini Mustafa Mohammed Ahmed
2nd prize – Fatima Moh
3rd prize – Khansa M Fayyaz
Sparkling Eyes – Badr Ali Tariq Malik
Chubby Cheeks – Saif Ali Saif
Curly Hair – Shaurya Sharma
Sunshine Smile – Mohammed Ayaan Saeed

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