Gulf Medical University students celebrate World Health Day 2010 in association with City Center Ajman.

As part of Global activities to celebrate World Health Day 2010, Students of Gulf Medical University in Ajman came together to mark & celebrate World Health Day 2010 on 7th & 8th April 2010 under the slogan GMU Health Carnival. This year’s celebration allowed the students to reach a wide audience including local communities through the combined efforts of City Center, Ajman. To ensure effective broadcasting of health, the students visit City Centre Ajman demonstrating health problems that are related to environment, diseases caused by smoking, unhealthy diet, lack of physical exercise and so on.

Back in the University, the students have organized painting competition, eating & racing competition. There were also efforts of creating environmentally friendly bags & Purses. Provost Prof Gita Ashok Raj initiated Tree Planting in the campus, followed by the Deans, Faculties & students. Ajman Police were also present to demonstrate to the students the safety & advantage of wearing seat belts.

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