Thumbay Moideen Masjid Opened at Gulf Medical University – UAE on 28th July 2010

President Mr. Thumbay Moideen along with a delegation of students and faculty from the Gulf Medical University joined to attend the first-ever prayer session at the newly opened THUMBAY MOIDEEN MASJID which was constructed by the Thumbay Group as part of the facilities of well planned GMU Campus located at Jurf Ajman United Arab Emirates.

“It’s not just a mosque—it’s a symbol. It’s more than just a building, it’s a place that holds a community together,” said Thumbay Moideen Founder President of Gulf Medical University.

The mosque building can hold up to 400 worshippers and has separate entrances for Male and Females. More than 800 dignitaries had been invited to attend the opening, with AWKAF conducting the inaugural prayers and talked about the importance of Islam. The Masjid will have Friday Juma Prayers and Khutba in English

The University attracts more than 48 nationalities from various countries and Majority of them is locals and Arabs from the GCC. The Campus is well planned with various buildings spread over an area of 1 Million Sq. Feet. Which holds 300 Bed Super specialty Hospital, Villas, Housing complex, boys and Girls hostels, Body and Soul Health club, coffee Shoppe, Play areas, Convention Centre and various other facilities for students and faculty it’s like a city within which will House more than 2000 people which includes Staff, Students and Families located at the campus.

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