Thumbay Institute of AI in Healthcare to Host Region’s First International Conference Driving AI Training for Health Professionals

  • Held in collaboration with Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani, University of Applied Sciences-Upper Austria, and Sathyabhama University-India, the event brings together the finest minds in technology & medical education

The Thumbay Institute for AI in Healthcare, recognized as the epicentre for AI training in healthcare within the UAE, is set to host its inaugural international conference at Gulf Medical University (Ajman). This significant event, titled “Transforming Healthcare with Artificial Intelligence,” emphasizes the institute’s dedication to advancing AI integration in healthcare. In collaboration with global partners such as Sathyabhama University India, Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani, and University of Applied Sciences, Upper Austria, the conference is scheduled for Thursday, April 25, 2024, from 9:00 AM at Gulf Medical University, Ajman, UAE, promising to be a significant gathering driving innovation in healthcare.


The symposium offers attendees an opportunity to delve into the revolutionary impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on healthcare practices. With a focus on cutting-edge research, trends, and tools in AI, participants will gain insights that are reshaping the landscape of healthcare, enabling them to stay ahead in their respective fields.

Speaking ahead of the conference, Dr. Thumbay Moideen, Founder President of Thumbay Group, said, “In the past year, Thumbay Institute of AI in Healthcare has achieved remarkable progress in training healthcare professionals, offering certificate courses on artificial intelligence. Now, with the upcoming International Conference, the UAE’s first AI and health professions training event, we aim to collaborate with leading technology and medical education institutions. Together, we seek to introduce cutting-edge AI-powered tools that will revolutionize the healthcare landscape in our country. This initiative aligns with the objectives of Vision 2030, driving transformative advancements in healthcare through the integration of artificial intelligence.”

By examining how AI may enhance clinical decision-making, optimize workflow, and improve patient care, the conference seeks to empower healthcare professionals. Participants will have the opportunity to develop stronger relationships with peers and leaders from a variety of backgrounds, spurring innovation and revolutionary change within the healthcare sector. These individuals include researchers, professors, CEOs, and technology developers.

Key topics to be covered during the symposium include AI in Healthcare – Viewed Through a Service Lens, Computational Intelligence in Medical Decision-Making using ANN, Natural Language Processing for Healthcare, Machine Learning in Medicine and Healthcare: Basics, Use Cases, and Prospects, AI Techniques for Medical Image Analysis, AI-based Models for Clinical Diagnosis using Image Processing Tools, Deep Learning Approach for Early Detection of Glaucoma, Understanding Cybersecurity and its Importance, High-Performance Computing and AI-Applications in Cybersecurity, Ethics in AI in Healthcare, and AI in Medical Education.

Last year, The Thumbay Institute of AI in Healthcare has partnered with MIT xPRO to launch a virtual course called “AI in Healthcare,” aiming to enhance medical education and knowledge exchange in AI-driven healthcare solutions. The institute also launched full-fledged certificate programs, aligning with UAE Ministry of Education guidelines, and plans to transition into long-duration programs, equipping graduates with AI solutions for the healthcare industry.

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