Thumbay Hospital Launches New Covid Support Initiative

Thumbay Hospital (THA) in Ajman is now offering cost-effective hospital quarantine packages for novel coronavirus patients, covid positive people with mild symptoms who are eligible for home isolation or may need stay with medical observation and sometimes don’t have proper arrangements at Home for quarantine. The move aims to curb the spreading of infection, and all the same, help patients that may develop serious manifestations of the infection by providing timely medical care by the experts.


“The patients who are recommended home isolation need a sense of security. It calms them down if they are under clinical supervision,” said Akbar Moideen Thumbay, Vice President – Healthcare Division, Thumbay Group, which has launched hospital care packages starting at AED 650 per day for seven days package and AED 700 per day for 10-days package. “We offered the services to a few patients and received positive feedback. Patients get regular visits by doctors, and nurses and paramedics are also available to ensure constant monitoring,” he added.


The hospital care package launched by Thumbay Hospital is priced at AED 4550 (650) for a period of seven days and AED 7000 (700) for ten days, which includes doctor consultation, medical support, XRay, oral medicines and meals.

Elaborating on the idea behind the hospital care quarantine stay packages, Dr. Mohammad Faisal Parvez, Chief Operating Officer of Thumbay Hospital, commented, “Strengthening your immune system through multiple approaches – healthy diet, monitoring vitals, and avoiding mental exhaustion – is the most effective strategy to fight the infection. We cater to both young and old, with our USP being that we customize COVID19 meals as per the dietitian’s recommendations. For example, if we have requests for salt-free or diabetic meals, we take care to supply meals that adhere to these specifications, Also, regular visit from the doctors ensures their recovery is being continuously monitored, while further reducing the risk of the virus being transmitted, in line with the UAE’s overall strategy to combat covid. The hospital has formulated a comprehensive Covid management excellence committee at the hospital level to ensure proper adherence to ministry guidelines and offer excellent care to patients.”

About Thumbay Hospital, Ajman

Thumbay Hospital – Ajman has a capacity of 250 beds and is the first JCI accredited hospital in Ajman. The hospital offers services across all major medical specialty’s ICU, Dialysis, Advanced Radiology, Lab Services, Minimal Invasive Surgeries, Women Wellness and Super Specialty Dental Center. The hospital also offers special antenatal packages, state-of-the-art equipment, 24-hours emergency and in-patient services. For more information visit: Or call: 0564110370

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