Raffle Draw Winner Avails Free Bariatric Surgery at Thumbay Hospital Ajman

Egyptian national Mr. Salah, the winner of a free bariatric surgery in a raffle draw held at Thumbay Hospital – Ajman, underwent the surgery at the hospital today (8th February 2018). He had won the free surgery at a raffle draw held at the hospital on 31st Dec. 2017 in connection with the World Diabetes Day awareness program. The hospital performed the surgery absolutely free of cost.

Aged 40 years, 173cm tall Mr. Salah weighed 180kgs and his BMI was an alarming 60. Dr.Tamer Saafan, Specialist – Bariatric Surgery, said that the surgery went well, and that Mr. Salah was recovering as expected. The patient is expected to lose around 75kgs in the first year. He will see the doctor again for his first follow-up, after 3 months.


“Bariatric surgery is a simple procedure nowadays. It is done laproscopically, through four key-hole incisions. The patient can be discharged the very next day, and he/she can even go back to work after a couple of days’ rest,” Dr. Tamer added.

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