Gulf Medical University Collaborates with University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria to Conduct Cybersecurity Workshop for Healthcare Professionals

Thumbay Institute for AI in Healthcare, Gulf Medical University, Ajman, has successfully completed a specialized cybersecurity workshop for healthcare professionals, which was organized in collaboration with University of Applied Sciences, Upper Austria a leading university in Artificial Intelligence, and Information Systems. The event held at Gulf Medical University, aimed to address the growing concerns and unique challenges of cybersecurity in the healthcare sector.

The interactive workshop, titled “Cyber security for Healthcare Professionals” was attended by a diverse group of healthcare providers, including hospital administrators, IT professionals, and medical staff. Renowned cybersecurity experts from University of Applied Sciences and Gulf Medical University led the sessions, focusing on the latest threats, trends, and protective strategies in healthcare data security.


Speakers, including Prof. Robert Kolmhofer, shared their expertise on the evolving landscape of cyber threats and the importance of robust security protocols in healthcare settings. In addition, participants engaged in hands-on training sessions, learning practical techniques to enhance data security, mitigate risks, and respond effectively to cyber incidents. The workshop provided a comprehensive overview of compliance requirements, including UAE’s Protection of Personal Data Law, EU GDPR, HIPAA, and other relevant healthcare data protection laws. The event fostered an environment of collaboration, allowing professionals to discuss challenges and share best practices in securing sensitive patient information. The workshop emphasized the need for a proactive approach, focusing on advanced technologies and strategies to stay ahead of potential cyber threats.

Dr. Vinaytosh Mishra emphasized the importance of such initiatives, stating, “In an era where digital health information is pivotal, ensuring its security is not just a technical necessity but a fundamental aspect of patient care. This workshop is part of our ongoing commitment to equip healthcare professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to protect sensitive patient data.”

The workshop was graced with the presence of prominent academic figures. Prof Hossam Hamdy, Chancellor of Gulf Medical University in Ajman, UAE, Dr. Gerald Reisinger, President of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, along with Prof. Dr. Andreas Zehetner, Vice President of International Affairs, and Dr. Stefan Sunzenauer, Head of the Center of Lifelong Learning and Head of the International Foundation Programme at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria.

During the opening ceremony, Prof Hamdy addressed the audience, highlighting that this workshop marks the beginning of a series of workshops planned by the Gulf Medical University in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. This initiative highlights the commitment to scaling educational growth and international collaboration between the two esteemed institutions.

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