Thumbay Hospital Day Care Rolla Organizes Doctors Lunch Meet

Thumbay Hospital Day Care – Rolla, Sharjah, the leading multispecialty day care hospital under Thumbay Group’s healthcare division organized a Doctors’ Lunch Meet on 3rd October 2019 at Thumbay Hospital Day Care Rolla Sharjah.

The attendees were presented with the mission, vision and future directions of the hospital. The event was an opportunity for the doctors to meet and network with the specialists of the hospital.

Dr. Ashish Sam Enos (Assistant Medical Director & Specialist General Surgeon), Dr. Anil Varshney (ENT Specialist and Dr. Supriy Jain (Cardiologist) presented the various facilities and services of the hospital, before the attendees.

“The event was organized with the aim of recognizing the contributions made by the doctors in their respective areas of specialty and highlighting their professional excellence,” said Dr. Ashish Sam Enos.

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