Corporate Social Responsibility

Educational CSR

Annual GMU Medical & Science Exhibtion:

The objective to host the grand event was to provide a platform for the upcoming students to display their talents in the field of medicine and science, to provide them with complete career path and to encourage in getting involved in the profession of Medicine and Healthcare and to provide a fair chance and Read more

Thumbay Foundation

Corporate Social Responsibility is a full-fledged activity of the Group for which the Thumbay Foundation was formed as a charitable trust established to support charitable activities in Healthcare, Education and other areas by family members in India and the extended family in the U.A.E.

The Thumbay Foundation provides funds and support by the provision of scholarships, grants, Read more

Care & Share

GMU is a premier medical education and health service provider in the Arabian Gulf. Our mission is to improve the health care system by mobilizing and enhancing the strengths and resources of medical systems. We believe human wellbeing - both physical and mental - is the forerunner to affluence across generations, and so it is rightly said that health is wealth. A sufficiently accessible and Read more