Educational CSR

Annual GMU Medical & Science Exhibtion:

The objective to host the grand event was to provide a platform for the upcoming students to display their talents in the field of medicine and science, to provide them with complete career path and to encourage in getting involved in the profession of Medicine and Healthcare and to provide a fair chance and create a competitive environment for students to come out with excellent results. School students from around the UAE with special Annual GMU Sports Festival interest and talent in the field of medical and sciences showcase their innovative project work, posters and paintings.

Annual GMU Sports Festival:

Gulf Medical University has been the unique trendsetter of regularly hosting the biggest Inter-Collegiate ever in U.A.E. since the year 2000. Students from various Universities and schools vye for the coveted trophies, while performing with  high standards of spirited sportsmanship and participating in the various sporting events, which include both indiviual and team as well indoor and outdoor events.

Hospital CSR

Free Health Camps:

Regular Health Camps are held as a part of the humanitarian services of the Group, individually or in partnership with other service organizations. Free consultation in different areas of medicine is given at these camps. GMC Hospital also organizes Blood Donation Camps on a regular basis.

Holistic Treatment

GMU Family Medicine Department provides health care services in an integrated holistic manner and in harmony with the other Departments in the Hospital. Family Medicine specialty provides: physical, social and psychological health care to discover the hidden cause of sickness.

Health Card

Considered by many as an expression of care, the GMU Health Card offers many benefits locally and internationally. CSR of Thumbay Group includes Corporate Sports Events and Scholarships to deserving students each year.

Social CSR

Annual Baby Show:

Annual Healthy Baby Contest for children of age group of 3 months to three years. The Objective of the show is "Know your child better". Specialists from our hospital assess the children based on their milestones and growth of the child.

Annual Fun Run:

Every year Thumbay Group organizes the "Fun Run" featuring people from different walks of life. The focus is on spreading health awareness. Disabled and Special Needs Runners are particularly encouraged.

Night of the Stars:

Thumbay Group 'Night of the Stars' is a mega event where senior staff and faculty members of the Group are honored for exemplary performance and Special Achievement Awards.